Now You can Watch Your Back While Walking

December 19, 2012

Simply by slipping on a headset that gives you a 360-degree field of vision, you can now have eyes in the back of your head.

Designed by Jerome Ardouin and colleagues at the Grande Ecole d’Ingenieurs Paris-Laval in France, the system, called FlyVIZ, captures images from every direction around the wearer and transforms them into something our eyes can comprehend, according to New Scientists.

A prototype of the system weights 1.6 kilograms, which is a bit heavy to walk around with, and is connected to a laptop for image-processing while it runs.

It uses a video camera, mounted atop a helmet, along with specially shaped mirrors to capture the environment on all sides of the user, and then displays it in real time on a modified Sony Personal 3D Viewer headset.

Despite the strange new perspective on the world, the device does not cause any nausea, motion sickness or visual fatigue, its creators claim in a paper they presented at the Virtual Reality Software and Technology conference in Toronto, Canada, this week.

Source: ANI

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