Foods to keep your heart healthy

July 12, 2018

A healthy diet is important for the good health of your heart. An expanding waistline, increasing weight is often the first indicator that you need to take a good look at your diet and make changes. Indulging in junk food, foods rich in sugar and carbs are often the reason for an unhealthy relationship with your health. Diet that helps withweight loss will also help keep your heart healthy. Follow these diet tips to keep your heart healthy and ensure you stay fit and healthy.

Dr Dhaval Shah, co founder of Pharmeasy says, “A great variety of vegetables and fruits boost heart health. It is essential that one eat them in the natural form. Such a diet includes foods like Walnuts, almonds, berries, flax seeds, chia seeds, spinach, and broccoli.”

Apart from these, you should include lean protein like fish and olive oil in your diet. The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthier diet options. Low in meat and dairy but rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and ‘healthy’ fats, the diet is believed to offer a host of health benefits. Studies have shown how it is good for the liver and the brain, effective in preventing heart disease, protects the elderly from frailty and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some more healthy foods for your heart:

Chia seeds

According to Janvi Chitalia, nutritionist, chia seeds can be a good addition to your diet. “They are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and help cut down cholesterol in our body and reduce build of plaque in arteries.


Research has shown that consumingblueberries three times a week can reduce risk of heart disease. The benefit is attributed to its antioxidant compounds such as anthocyanins and flavonoids that help reduce blood pressure and dilate blood vessels.


Chitalia adds, “Tomatoes are high in potassium which is a good source of antioxidant lycopene. This helps get rid of bad cholesterol.

Citrus fruits

Citric fruits have flavonoids and high amount of vitamin C. it helps reduce risk of heart disease. “Make sure to eat fruits as whole, instead of juices,” she says.


This health food favourite has many benefits. “Apart from being a good source of good fats, avocados also have vitamin E and potassium, which help balance sodium levels,” says Chitalia.

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