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  1. Adequate hydration for healthy aging, longer life, study finds
  2. Health experts: Osteoporosis in Malaysia, a serious threat that must be addressed
  3. “Power” struggle in Asia’s healthcare facilities
  4. Less calorie intake may be more effective than intermittent fasting – study
  5. 6 Ways to improve your hearing and prevent hearing loss
  6. Study unearths anti-cancer benefit of gardening
  7. 6 Simple Asian recipes to relieve cough and cold
  8. Load up on fermented foods for mental health
  9. Better heart health, weight loss? Walk with poles
  10. Tackling the next global and public health threat after COVID-19 – Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
  11. Research uncovers danger of red food dye in gut, behavioral health
  12. Measles jab low amid Covid-19, puts nearly 40 million children at risk
  13. Regular breast cancer screening and self-examination helps your chances of survival
  14. Oral health access inequality bites half of the world’s population – report
  15. Normal activities can reduce risk of cancers – Research
  16. Jab-phobic? Furry robots come to the rescue!
  17. Equalize global HIV response global : WHO
  18. Malaysia’s first public-private child care centre opens in Penang
  19. Multi-acting compound a new solution to drug-resistant prostate cancer
  20. Southeast Asian healthcare providers resolve cost pressures with single-speciality hospitals
  21. Making sense of juvenile arthritis
  22. FDA approves artificial meat for human consumption
  23. Lung cancer and the importance of early detection
  24. New oral drug discovery for treatment of cholesterol
  25. Researchers discover AI tools can help regrow hair
  26. Protecting our mental health with nutrition and lifestyle choices
  27. Lost lung immune cells increases susceptibility to flu in older adults
  28. Hisential: a new, accessible healthcare and wellness brand for men
  29. Identifying childhood diabetes
  30. 100 million Covid vaccine shots destroyed in India
  31. Male breast cancer: Putting your best chest forward
  32. Repurposed drug promotes weight loss and cardiovascular health in adolescents
  33. Lifesaving tip: Men need to speak up when feeling down
  34. Survey finds financial burdens hinder the treatment of psoriasis
  35. Babies born smaller-than-average risk developing obesity and other health conditions
  36. Sunway Sanctuary upscale senior living facility to open in 2023 in Kuala Lumpur
  37. A look into type 1 diabetes
  38. IMU the only Asian institution to receive excellence award for faculty development
  39. You risk developing multiple diseases if you sleep for a short time only
  40. Measles cases surge in Africa, worldwide, post-COVID
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