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  1. Gut microbiome signatures associated with common mental health disorders
  2. WHO Director-General “appalled” over global COVID-19 vaccine inequity
  3. Italy to make health “Green Pass” mandatory for all workers
  4. Cholesterol manufactured in the brain key to development of Alzheimer’s
  5. New insight into secondary transmission of COVID-19 at home
  6. Innovative hydrogel developed for articular cartilage repair
  7. Unvaccinated people 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19, CDC Director
  8. Heavy schoolbags may cause back pain, not scoliosis
  9. Antibody could mitigate long-term effects of traumatic brain injury
  10. Lithuanian researchers develop model for early detection of Alzheimer’s
  11. Concerns arise over possible link between COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s disease
  12. The new immunity toolkit
  13. Extensive antibiotics use increases future risk of colon cancer
  14. Anti-aging drugs effectively slow spinal disc degeneration in mice
  15. Thailand’s winning strategies amid the health crisis
  16. New treatment for blindness caused by wet age-related macular degeneration
  17. Swedish scientists discover aggressive, early onset Alzheimer’s in 40-year-olds
  18. Isometric resistance training shown to safely reduce high blood pressure
  19. Stingless bee honey found to contain high levels of healthy sugar
  20. Implantable stimulator powered by walking to treat damaged tendons
  21. Portable MRI pinpoints strokes that need surgical treatment
  22. Antibody-based contraceptive prove successful in animal studies; will soon go to clinical trial
  23. NTU Singapore researchers use pollen for 3D bioprinting
  24. Antibodies against COVID-19 vary with vaccination vs natural infection
  25. Poor dental structure could affect quality of life
  26. Promising new therapy for NTRK fusion cancer
  27. 3D-printed eardrum patch to repair damage and aid regeneration
  28. Agency to promote healthcare tourism in Malaysia
  29. TikTok, MyHealthKKM partner for COVID-19 awareness campaign
  30. COVID-19 vaccination effective against delta variant, researchers say
  31. Malaysia becomes first in Asia to mainstream genetic testing for ovarian cancer
  32. Infants have higher metabolism than adolescents or adults
  33. Mitochondrial peptide prevents Type-1 diabetes in mice, study finds
  34. Risk of depression three times more likely in toxic workplaces
  35. Stem-cell hydrogel injection studied for heart attack patients
  36. Prenetics HK launches home rapid detection kit for COVID-19
  37. Prototype soft robots used to deliver drugs to the nervous system
  38. Taiwan shares innovative technologies for beauty care & healthcare
  39. Special blood vessel coating prevents organ rejection
  40. New compounds created to penetrate and protect against damaging UV radiation