Laser Device to Reduce Pain Due to Injections Developed

September 16, 2012

South Korean researchers have developed a new laser device that could lead to less painful injections, a new study published in the Optical Society journal Optics Letters reveals.

Researchers at Seoul National University say that their device could one day replace needles and sensation felt is similar to being hit by a puff of air.

Known as erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, or Er:YAG, the laser works by propelling a stream of medicine with the right amount of force so that it painlessly passes through the skin.

“The impacting jet pressure is higher than the skin tensile strength and thus causes the jet to smoothly penetrate into the targeted depth underneath the skin, without any splashback of the drug. The laser-driven microjet injector can precisely control dose and the depth of drug penetration underneath the skin”, lead researcher Professor Jack Yoh said.

Source: Med India


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