Heart failure cause of more deaths than advanced cancer

May 16, 2018

With heart disease and heart failure causing 2 to 3 times as many deaths as advanced cancers, it is crucial that the public is more aware of this disease and takes steps to prevent it.

Thus, Novartis Corporation in Malaysia recently initiated its “Keep It Pumping” campaign, with the tagline – Don’t fail your heart, or it may fail you.

One of the speakers, Chee Kok Han, Professor and Cardiology Consultant, University Malaya Medical Centre, said that 20% to 30% of Malaysians are subject to coronary heart disease. He also said that heart failure patients in Asia are younger (60 years old) compared to Europe (70 years old) and the USA (75 years old).

In his talk titled “Triumph over heart failure by keeping the heart pumping” Chee says that with early detection of the disease, proper medication and lifestyle changes, lives can be prolonged and improved.

Meanwhile, Dr Anwar Suhaimi, Senior Lecturer and Rehabilitation Physician, University of Malaysia, said, “Rehabilitation for heart failure is relatively new in Malaysia, compared to America. All the more why we need to spread the word.”

Iryani Jamil, a heart failure patient, in her talk titled “My journey with heart failure” thanked doctors who helped her to detect her disease at an early stage. The mother of two school-going children said she is now able to enjoy a normal life.

The presentation culminated with heart failure patients – aged 29 to 60 – from the Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre presenting a rousing aerobic dance performance. Their enthusiastic performance is proof that they too can lead a normal life, said Dr Anwar.

Novartis says its campaign is focused on raising public awareness on the symptoms of heart failure and the importance of protecting individuals from heart failure.


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