Medical Fair Asia 2018: Blood sampling made painless with a needleless laser system

September 6, 2018

Secure methods for blood sampling have been a concern in modern medicine for a long time. Needles are costly, can cause infections and can be painful for many people, especially for patients with Type 1 diabetes and for people who are just generally afraid of needles and who are more sensitive to the pain.

In view of this, South Korean medical R&D company LaMeditech has recently developed the HandyRay LMT-3000 – a needleless lancing device. HandyRay is an innovative laser device designed for capillary blood sampling.

It uses a Class IV ER:YAG laser to ablate the skin and make a small hole in less than 1/10000th of a second, minimising the trauma of blood collection and promoting better skin regeneration. The strength of the laser can easily be adjusted to suit skin thickness or other personal needs.

Its applications run across the board of medical testing and blood sampling, though it is most frequently used for in glucose monitoring among diabetics.

The elimination of needles significantly decreases not only the risk of contamination, but also the cost of procedures and advocates for a cleaner, more eco-friendly approach to blood sampling, says LaMeditech.

The HandyRay has already entered markets in the US, Iran, Spain and has started its venture into South East Asia, starting with Indonesia.


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