Danish wearable prevents injury-related muscle strain

August 5, 2019

Muscle strain -common among office workers and even athletes-comes with repetitive action, but the problem could be alleviated by a new Danish wearable. The world’s first “digital therapist” was introduced in 2016, specifically targeting muscle strain which results in tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and “mouse arm.”

The Muscle Load Index (MLI) Elbow is actually an electronic device attached to an elasticised sleeve, worn on the user’s dominant forearm. Sensors within the device keep track of muscle activity and movement as the user goes about their daily business, such as using the computer or playing tennis.

The accumulated data is then transmitted by Bluetooth to an iOS/Android app and analysed via artificial intelligence-based algorithms. The MLI app notifies its user of any current/potential strain based on muscle load and further informs them what to do to lessen it.

According to its website, the MLI Elbow is a welcome invention that could help many with localised pain. However, at the moment, the wearable needs significant funding for mass production, and so is only expected to retail next year. 


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