Israeli scientists claim cure for cancer by 2020

January 31, 2019

There is new hope for cancer with a possible cure in sight. The Jerusalem Post has reported that a new treatment for cancer is being developed by Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies led by CEO Dr. Ilan Morad and his team of Israeli scientists. They claim to have a cure in the coming year.

The new treatment, MuTaTo, will use a combination of cancer-targeting peptides and a toxin that together will kill cancer cells. Morad has said that individualised treatment for patients based on their type of cancer requires a specific mix of drugs and that it will soon be available.

The board chairman of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies, Dan Aridor, believes the company will have a complete cure for cancer – effective, long-lasting and with no or minimal side-effects. The treatment will also be less costly than current treatments for cancer.

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