Cancer care advances in Singapore with new digital project

February 28, 2020

Singaporean medical start-up Oncoshot has recently partnered with the Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI); private oncology groups, Novena Cancer Centre and Curie Oncology; and Act Genomics to build Southeast Asia’s first ecosystem for cancer clinical trials and treatment options. Oncoshot and SCRI are planning to introduce Project Enhanced Clinical Trial Initiation, Screening and Enrolment (EISE), a national clinical trial ecosystem effort – the collaboration will benefit over 70,000 cancer patients in Singapore who will have easier access to the aforementioned clinical trials/treatments.

Singaporean cancer service providers currently exploretrial options through a laborious and time-consuming manual process that prevents cancer patients from easy access to timely clinical trials.Project EISE aims to better this conduct by empowering both public and private oncology care providers to find suitable cancer trial options, in real-time. Project EISE will also share insights to help cancer solution providers initiate new studies and make available more high-level cancer clinical trials.

Effective medical treatment involves having easy access to information which then ensures informed, timely decision-making, according to Oncoshot CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Huren Sivaraj. The Oncoshot digital platform will therefore give patients and oncologists efficient, one-portal access to critical information relevant to each individual patient’s unique medical condition.

He added, “Project EISE will especially create benefits for cancer patients who need quick access to potentially life-saving or extending new cancer therapies.”

Oncoshot employs its digital platform – an expanded ecosystem that also includes genomic service providers – to help identify specific mutations and immunotherapy markers that can be used to design personalised treatment and clinical trial options.

Novena Cancer Centre and Curie Oncology are the first in the private oncology sector to use the Oncoshot platform to identify cancer trial options and support cancer trial enrolment; while genomics-based cancer solution provider ACT Genomics will offer vouchers and discounts on comprehensive genomic test panels to further advance cancer care.

Similarly, SCRI’s COO Dr. Damien Hong said that the clinical research organisation is keen to explore the Oncoshot platform for clinical trial recruitment and participation in cancer research, especially in budget-controlled investigator lead studies.

“The facilitation in the identification, matching and communication between investigator and patient can be very beneficial,” he said.


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