Cutting-edge smart medical applications from Taiwan

June 20, 2022

Taiwan possesses the comprehensive ICT industry and has sufficient hospital facilities. This strong power has fostered a digital health ecosystem in Taiwan to prevent disease and save lives.

Cutting-edge smart medical applications from Taiwan

On 16 June, Taiwan Excellence, representing the symbol of Taiwan’s innovative technology, has arranged some of the top Taiwanese brands to come together to show off the latest in medical technology during the “Smart Medical Applications” Webinar.

These cutting-edge companies demonstrated how they’ve made AI and cloud database part of their product line-ups as well as share where the industry is heading towards in the future.

In his opening remarks, National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch vice superintendent Ma Huei Ming said the telemedicine ecosystem forged through public & private sectors has provided Taiwan’s patient the best care while protecting valued health care staff.

The webinar featured Medimaging Integrated Solution’s Smart Wound Carer solution. Their multi-sensing device integrates a color camera, thermal camera and 3D camera to assess wound size, depth and tissue ratios of chronic skin injuries. With cutting-edge AI, the device assists users with accurate and accessible analyses.


Another company featured is iXensor which currently offers three management suits under its PixoTest system. The Infectious Diseases Management (IDM) system provides Covid-19 testing in as little as 15 minutes and meets the accuracy level set by the EU. The Chronic Diseases Management (CDM) system that monitors different health markers including blood glucose, total cholesterol and blood lipids allows medical professionals to monitor trends and treatment progress. The Women Health Management (WHM) system is a self-test module that monitors ovulation and fertility data and provides life data interpretation to help determine the ideal time for conceiving. Wellell (formerly known as Apex Medical), with over 30 years of experience in its industry presented SleepWell solution which allows care providers to manage their patients via a single platform equipped with customize overviews to assess patients’ compliance, identify issues, and deliver data-driven interventions efficiently.

Cutting-edge smart medical applications from Taiwan

IEI Integration, leading in industrial computer provider with expertise in AI and networking edge computing, launched their Medical Image Management System. It integrates a self-developed DICOM module and color correction software to deliver stunning display performance comparable to professional DICOM monitors, making it a device that can meet medical needs of all levels.

Lastly, United Orthopedic is an expert in designing and manufacturing of innovative and versatile orthopedic products. Their USTAR II Hip & Knee system is designed for extensive reconstruction of the hip and knee joint. It is able to carry out Intraoperative surgical flexibility to convert different constraint level of implants or even to a limb salvage prosthesis with similar instrumentation concepts.

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