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Worst bird flu outbreak in China since 2009 records 161 deaths since October

March 13, 2017

Another 61 fatalities and 160 human infection cases from the H7N9 bird flu virus have been reported in China this February, bringing the total the death toll in this winter’s outbreaks to 161 since October. The Chinese government said that this outbreak’s figures are much higher than in previous years. While the total for last […]

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US CDC expresses concern on sudden spread of H7N9 bird flu in China

March 6, 2017

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the sudden spread of the H7N9 bird flu in China is a “cause for concern”, infecting 460 people in the country. US CDC flu expert Dr. Tim Uyeki said it is by far the largest epidemic wave since 2013. The US CDC has been working […]

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US CDC warns travelers to China against H7N9 bird flu

January 30, 2017

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new warning for those who are traveling to China in the wake of the recent bird flu outbreaks in the country. The US CDC says the H7N9 strain of bird flu appears to be unusually active again and advises people traveling to China […]

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China confirms 17th human bird flu case, says poultry market still stable

January 2, 2017

A new human case of the H7N9 strain of the avian influenza has been confirmed by the health authorities in the southern province of Jiangxi in China. The country now has a total of 17 confirmed human bird flu infections so far. Human infections of the H7N9 strain of bird flu killed two people in […]

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Live poultry markets suspended in two Chinese cities due to bird flu fears

December 30, 2016

The eastern cities of Wuxi and Suzhou in the Jiangsu province in China have announced the suspension of live poultry trade due to fears of the recent bird flu outbreaks in the country. Wuxi will close live poultry wholesale markets, restrict vehicles carrying live poultry from entering its markets, and temporarily ban the entry of […]

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OIE: New cases of highly contagious bird flu strain expected in US, Europe

November 16, 2016

Europe and North America, especially the US, are advised to prepare for a severe and highly contagious new strain of bird flu as more outbreaks are expected to occur in the next few weeks during the southward migration of the wild birds believed to transmit the virus, according to Matthew Stone, Deputy Director General of […]

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Hong Kong closes bird market over H5N1 virus

July 6, 2012

HONG KONG – Bird market, a popular tourist spot where hundreds of caged birds are on display, was closed after the deadly H5N1 avian flu virus was detected at one of the stalls. The agriculture, fisheries and conservation department said it was closing the Yuen Po Street bird market in the city’s bustling Mongkok district […]

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