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Depression in new mothers triple pre-pandemic levels

March 17, 2022

New research into pregnancy and postpartum depression highlights how new mothers experienced more depressive episodes during the early days of COVID-19 (COVID). The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had earlier estimated that 1 in 8 mothers experienced postpartum depression, and about 5-7% experienced major depressive symptoms, but after COVID struck data revealed 1 […]

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Resilience key to boosting mental health

January 28, 2022

The last two years have caused great waves of depression and anxiety, so much so that it has presented unexpected and unique challenges to our mental health. To better prepare ourselves for the years to come it is crucial to develop resilience in order to maintain our mental health and overall well-being. To make a […]

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Depression tied to sustained sedentarism during pandemic, say researchers

November 11, 2021

People who maintain a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have symptoms of depression, compared to those who engaged in a more dynamic lifestyle. Researchers at Iowa State University (ISU) who surveyed a sample of over 3,000 participants from the US and the District of Columbia, said the sedentary changes caused by the dreadful COVID-19 […]

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Risk of depression three times more likely in toxic workplaces

August 16, 2021

A study of full-time workers in Australia has revealed how toxic work environments pose a significant risk of depression – by at least three times. While depression and mental health at large is still of little concern to many employees, it can quickly deteriorate productivity and lead to functional impairment, elevated morbidity, and destructive social […]

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Weighted blankets seen to help with treating insomnia, depression

October 5, 2020

Weighted blankets might promote sleep: new research from Sweden reveals that use of a weighted chain blanket on patients diagnosed with insomnia reduced the severity of insomnia, improved sleep, and led to lower levels of daytime sleepiness. The safe and effective method is believed to apply pressure on different parts of the body similar to […]

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WHO: 86 million people in Southeast Asia affected by depression

April 7, 2017

As the world celebrates World Health Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) South-East Asia Regional Office revealed that around 86 million people the Southeast Asia region are affected by depression. Noting that depression can lead to suicide, which is the second highest cause of death among people of age group 15-29 years in the region, […]

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Mini-apps used in new study to reduce depression, anxiety symptoms

January 6, 2017

A new study by researchers at the Northwestern University in Illinois in the US has found that the use of 13 speedy mini-apps in smartphones resulted in less depression and anxiety symptoms in the participants. The group of mini-apps called IntelliCare offer exercises to de-stress, reduce self-criticism and worrying, methods to help one’s life feel […]

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