Accessing Laptops in Bed Linked to Increased Risk of Depression

November 16, 2012

Accessing your laptop, tablet or TV when sleeping in bed may not be a good idea after a new study found that such a habit could lead to depression.

According to the study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, exposure to bright light, such as from devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones, over a long period of time increases the level of stress hormone, cortisol, which could lead to problems in the functioning of the brain and even depression.

“In addition, in this study, we make reference to previous studies on humans, which show that light does, indeed, impact the human brain’s limbic system. And the same pathways are in place in mice. I’m not saying we have to sit in complete darkness at night but I do recommend we switch on fewer lamps and stick to less intense light bulbs”, lead researcher Samer Hattar said.

The study has been published in the journal Nature.

Source: Med India

Category: Education

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