Brisk Walks can Reduce Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

October 10, 2012

The risk of heart attacks or strokes can be reduced by almost half by going on brisk walks daily, according to a new study published in the online edition of the British Medical Journal.

Researchers at Bispebjerg University Hospital conducted the decade long study by observing more than 10,000 Danish men and women between 21 and 98 years of age.

The researchers found that those who regularly went on brisk walks reduced their risk of heart disease or stroke by nearly 50 percent while jogging reduced the risk by 40 percent.

“Our results confirm the role of physical activity in reducing metabolic syndrome risk and suggest intensity more than volume of activity is important. Our data indicated the risk of developing metabolic syndrome may be reduced as much as 35-50 per cent in subjects who are more physically active”, lead researcher Dr Adam Laursen said.

Source: Med India

Category: Wellness and Complementary Therapies

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