Can hearing impairment be prevented?

August 30, 2012

There is nothing we can do to prevent congenital deafness (when you are born with the condition), or hearing impairments due to illnesses or accidents. However, some measures can be taken to reduce the risk of losing some of your sense of hearing.

The structures in our ears can be damaged in several different ways. Long term exposure to very loud noise – above 85dB can eventually cause hearing loss. A typical lawn mower emits about 85dB.

The following measures may help protect your hearing:

TV, radio, music players and toys – do not set the volume too high. Children especially are very sensitive to the damaging effects of loud music. Researchers found that noisy toys put children’s hearing at risk.

Headphones – focus on isolating what you want to hear; block out all outside noise as much as possible, instead of drowning it out with high volume.

The workplace – if you work in a noisy environment, wear ear plugs or ear muffs. Even in discos, nightclubs, and pubs – ear plugs are discreet and hardly noticeable.

Leisure venues – if you go to pop concerts, motor racing, drag racing and other noisy events, wear ear plugs.

Cotton swabs (UK cotton buds) – do not prod them into your or your children’s ears. The same applies for cotton or tissues.

Source: South Asia Mail

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