China to produce high-calibre doctors

November 28, 2012

China has started a 10-year educational programme to prepare more high-calibre doctors and train more general medical practitioners to serve the people in rural areas.

The program is focused at improving medical students’ capacity in clinical practices, the programme will require them to go through training in medical ethics and a formal residency before becoming doctors, states a notice issued by the Ministry of Education.

In the initial stage of the program a total of 125 Chinese universities have been designated as the first batch of higher-education institutions to lecture medical students under the scheme.

This system is different from US that require medical graduates to undergo tough examinations and residency programmes before turning doctors, the majority of Chinese medical students go straight to work after graduation.

In addition, the Chinese medical graduates go through residency training as hospital employees and the quality of training is highly dependent on hospitals.

As a part of this 10-year programme, medical students will now have to go through two or three years’ residency training before becoming doctors or assistant to general medical practitioners in rural areas, the government notice says.

Source: News Track India

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