Dog bites are a Cause of Concern in England

August 14, 2012

There has been a 55% increase in the number of hospital admissions in England due to dog bites, and some of them have been serious enough to need surgery.

Data summarized by USEC show that number of bites from dogs, which were serious enough to require hospital treatment, have risen from 6,130 (2010-2011) to 6, 450 (2011-2012).

Nearly 1000 children below the age of 10 were bitten by dogs, and 75% of them needed surgery.

“Through further analysis, it is also possible to infer a likely distinction in the type of injuries sustained by child and adult victims of dog bites and strikes; with children having a higher rate of admission to the specialties that carry out plastic and specialist facial surgery.”

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Source: Med India

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