Eating whole grains lower the risk of pre-diabetes

December 28, 2012

Eating whole grains oare known to reduce the risk of pre-diabetes and blood sugar levels that are not stable in adults, according to research.

Researchers in Sweden found that people who eat Swedish food containing 59 grams of whole grains per day have a risk of pre-diabetes, 27 percent lower than those who ate whole grains 30 grams or less.

“This is important because the number of people with pre-diabetes continues to grow,” said lead researcher Tina Wirstorm from the Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden, as reported by Reuters (20/12).

Previous research suggests that a diet rich in whole grains are known to reduce the risk of diabetes, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Whole grain that can be consumed such as corn, whole wheat, brown rice, and others.

The study observed 5,477 Stockholm residents aged 35 to 56 years who did not have diabetes for 10 years. They were asked to record food they consumed each day.

As a result, about 13 participants have pre-diabetes symptoms, while 33 other people were affected by diabetes. When researching the foods they consume, researchers found that some people who eat whole grains more than 59 grams per day have an increased risk of pre-diabetes is lower than those who ate less than 30 grams.

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