Men With Stressful Jobs Suffer From Menopause-like Symptoms

September 24, 2012

Men with stressful jobs suffer from menopause-like symptoms called andropause that leads to lack of energy, depression and low libido, finds a new study.

For the study, Willy boffins looked at the lifestyles of 183 Japanese men aged from 34-67, with an average age of 52.

They checked levels of the male hormone testosterone by taking blood samples and found a strong link between high pressures on the job and lower sex-drive among the volunteers.

“The findings suggest that psychosocial job characteristics are related to andropause symptoms in Japanese middle-aged male workers,” the Sun quoted scientists from Universities in Osaka and Okayama as saying.

High job demands could intensify the association between testosterone levels and andropause symptoms.

“Symptoms of andropause fatigue can be explained not only by hormonal changes but also by stress,” they said.

The study has been published in the journal Maturitas.

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