Mum Saves Life of Daughter After Identifying Meningitis Symptoms Thanks to Smartphone App

September 19, 2012

A mother saved the life of her three-year-old daughter by identifying her symptoms being the same as those on a meningitis app and quickly calling in an ambulance.

Claire Weeks revealed that she had downloaded an app developed by Meningitis Trust after one of her daughter Hollie‘s classmates died of meningitis. When Hollie began to complain of headaches and stiff neck and also began to vomit severely, she looked up the symptoms on the app and found them to be the same.

She quickly phoned in an ambulance and Hollie was treated for viral meningitis. Though she received treatment within 20 minutes, Hollie lost her ability to speak and suffered from stroke on her right side. Hollie spent nearly four weeks in three different hospitals and though she has slowly regained most of her mobility, she is yet to regain full co-ordination in her right hand and cannot concentrate properly for long durations.

“I went on my iPhone symptom checker from Meningitis Trust because something just didn’t sit right. I had a feeling in my gut. I went through her symptoms — headache, vomiting and stiff neck — and they were on the app checklist so I decided I wouldn’t take a chance and called an ambulance. The doctors said she was an hour away from not pulling through. She’s made a remarkable recovery. Hollie is a little fighter and is doing well learning to talk and walk with physiotherapy”, Claire said.

Source: Med India

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