New hospital pioneers reforms in health care

August 20, 2012

BEIJING- A new hospital affiliated to the University of Hong Kong is adopting the Hong Kong public hospital management system in the neigboring Shenzhen City in a bid to seek way for reforms in the public health care.

The Chinese government is pushing for reforms in the public health care which is known for long queues and poor service.

The hospital, founded by Shenzhen government with 3.5 billion yuan (US$555 million) in investment, first directs each patient to see general physician and will transfer patient to specialists if it is needed, according to People’s Daily. Appointment is required for out-patient service at the hospital.

Its pilot operation since July showed the practice works well. Currently, the hospital’s 300 out-patient quota every day is always booked. People going to the hospital said it helped cut down on the waiting time.

One service for general physician is 130 yuan, a package covering the registration, common testing and medications for less than one week.

The price is worked out according to data from three big hospitals in Shenzhen and will be re-evaluated after one-year trial, hospital officials said. The procedure of seeing GP first has made a more reasonable use of medical resources, as the problems of 90 percent of patients are solved by GP.

The hospital is the first on the Chinese mainland to buy professional insurance for all doctors. Should any medical dispute takes place, the insurance company will handle compensation. The doctors are paid up to 1 million yuan a year, officials said.

Source: Xinhuanet

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