Old People are Vulnerable to Fraud- Study

December 5, 2012

A recent study seems to find a good reason why old people sometimes get cheated and are somehow more vulnerable to fraud. The study found that a particular region in the brain which actually helps us decide if a person can be trusted, is not as active in old people. The study which involved analysis of brain scans that were taken while the old and the young made their assessment of photographs of people, found that a region called the anterior insula in the brain which picks up instinctive feelings, was not so active among the older lot. Most importantly, the old people were unable to recognize certain tell-tale facial hints. Professor Shelley Taylor of the University of California in Los Angeles said, “The older adults do not have as strong an anterior insula early-warning signal; their brains are not saying ‘be wary’, as the brains of the younger adults are. It’s not that younger adults are better at finance or judging whether an investment is good – they’re better at discerning whether a person is trustworthy when cues are communicated visually.”

Source: Medindia

Category: Education

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