Online help on caring for elderly

November 29, 2012

SINGAPORE – Efforts to care for the elderly will get a boost when a series of mobile apps and online resources are rolled out.

Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG), a firm which offers health-care technology, media and telecom services, worked with doctors to develop the programmes.

One offering is an online course called Medically Informed Minders, aimed to give maids a basic knowledge in dealing with the elderly such as spotting health problems.

The course, which can be accessed via smartphones and computers, costs $200.

Those taking it can apply for a Caregivers Training Grant, administered by the Centre for Enabled Living, an agency linked to the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Another mobile app called Smart Ageing will be rolled out by the year end. It is developed by geriatrician Chan Kin Ming and meant for family members who are primary caregivers of elderly and dementia patients.

The app, which costs $49.95, will give tips on dealing with common problems that such patients face such as dizziness and constipation.

Dr Chan said: “The tips provided are tried and tested by my patients and their caregivers. I hope to add more tips when I get more feedback from users.”

BHG will also link up with maid agents to send their maids for online caregiving courses and market its apps to employers.

Advance Link International owner Winnie Wang said: “I find that the online course is a fast and effective way of training maids to work with the elderly.”

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