Parenthood Connected to Longevity

December 7, 2012

It is for good reason they say that becoming parents is the best thing in the world. Watching children grow and getting involved in their growing up, is indeed a great source of joy. Perhaps this joy and satisfaction is translated into health benefits as well, as a recent research has revealed. Now, a recent study has gone further to say that becoming parents can actually lengthen life as it makes people behave in a responsible manner. They happen to take fewer risks in life and also make it a point to adopt healthier lifestyles. Parents want to live for their children and this sentiment translates into action. A study of 21,000 couples treated at IVF clinics in Denmark showed a higher death rate among childless women; Statistics show that the death rate from cancer, heart disease and accidents was four times higher among childless women. Among men the death rates were found to be double among those who were childless.

Source: Medindia

Category: Wellness and Complementary Therapies

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