Quick health tips for frequent travelers

October 24, 2012

Each time you board a plane, ship or bus, remember that you share the air you breathe with other passengers. And this goes on for as long as the journey lasts.

Can you picture this clearly? You are inhaling the exhalation of strangers. Not to mention every sneeze and cough.

There is definitely a need to shield yourself from airborne viruses.

This, plus the stresses of travel, can take its toll on your immune system.

Bring: Multivitamin and mineral supplements, vitamin C (1,000 mg, take 1-3 times daily); co-enzyme Q10 with vitamin E (take once a day); B Complex (50 mg, take twice daily); acidophilous capsules (to prevent diarrhoea or stomach disorders, take one capsule daily); calcium, magnesium, zinc (take one tablet daily).

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, take 1-3 mg melatonin capsules or tablets 15 minutes before bedtime.

Here’s a trick: To beat jet lag when crossing time zones, take your melatonin while in flight and during bedtime. Upon arriving at your destination, follow the day-night cycle there.

This means that you must take melatonin before every bedtime there. Do the same upon your return flight.

Remember to load on vitamin C two hours before boarding the plane. This way, you will fly with antioxidant protection. Drink plenty of water. Cabin air is dry and dehydrating.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

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