SaltSwitch, New Smartphone App to Aid Healthy Eating

December 21, 2012

Salt is very much necessary for our body but when consumed in excess can cause premature death or disability.

Salt is best when reduced in food and now there are tools to help consumers choose foods with reduced salt content.

The recent tool is an application called SaltSwitchthat promises to help those who wish to reduce their salt consumption.

The George Institute for Global Health has teamed up with Bupa Australia to introduce SaltSwitch smart phone app, and is a latest version of FoodSwitch app. This new App promises to assist shoppers in understanding food labels so that they can make healthy choices.

the application uses a traffic light format for enabling nutritional information of a product. The app helps people scan the barcode of a product and then uses colors to show foods with high salt content along with healthier alternatives.

This application makes it easier for people to recognise foods with high salt content.

Source: Medindia

Category: Technology & Devices

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