Saudi Arabian Women Graduating in Science and Medicine Outnumber Western Counterparts

September 5, 2012

A new report has revealed that the number of Saudi Arabian women who are graduating in fields of science and medicine outnumber their western counterparts.

As Samar Fatany wrote for a Saudi daily, she cited a report by UNESCO and said that the percentage of women graduating from the universities in the country, who hailed from the branch of science and medicine, was higher than that in western countries.

“In the field of science, 40 per cent of Saudi doctors are women and there is an increasing number of successful women who have acquired global recognition as scientists and researchers and have inspired many Saudi women at home,” Gulf News quoted Fatany, as writing.

Fatany heaped praises for many women in the country which included Dr Khowla Al Kurai, who is a consultant and principle clinical scientist and cancer researcher, and Professor Samira Islam, who was the head of the Drug Monitoring Unit at a famous hospital and has made significant contributions in drug safety.

“These Saudi women who have reached leadership positions and many others are role models for future generations,” she wrote.

Fatany claimed the success of the Saudi women has certainly boosted the morale of the women community in the country and should be prove to be a source of inspiration for all of them.

“The success of these distinguished women has undoubtedly boosted the morale of those members of society who were once abused and marginalised. Women doctors, scientists and researchers are expected to contribute toward a socially, politically and economically progressive Saudi Arabia,” she concluded.

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