Study Reveals High Salt Content in Cheddar Cheese Much More Than Crisps

November 30, 2012

Research has issued a warning about increasingly high levels of salt content in cheese and urges customers to choose healthier varieties.

Research by a health group revealed how a slice of cheddar can contain more salt than an entire packet of crisps.

It cautions customers to be extremely alert about salt content in cheese. Consumers are urged to make a choice of healthier varieties and smaller portions to keep risks of heart disease, strokes and blood pressure at bay.

Cheese is known to contain high levels of saturated fat although it does also contain essential nutrients such as calcium and protein.

Research showed that many cheeses such as cheddar, roquefort, processed cheese slices, feta and halloumi, were found to have more salt by concentration than seawater.

Source: Med India

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