Survey to help autistic find jobs in IT sector

September 18, 2012

SINGAPORE – The YMCA has launched an online survey to look into the employment needs and interests of autistic people with regards to IT-related jobs.

People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are typically socially awkward and have difficulty communicating with others.

Mr Bryan Tan, chairman of the YMCA Specialisterne Taskforce, told The Straits Times that autistic people are detail and process oriented, and these are traits crucial in IT-related fields.
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The study, funded by the National Council of Social Service, was inspired by a Danish employment model that helps to identify the skills and competence of people with ASD with the aim of finding them jobs.

The survey, which will run until the end of next month, is only open to qualified personnel or those with ASD. It aims to reach out to 200 people with ASD aged 16 and older.

Interested parties can contact Ms Alissa Rode at 6586-2205 or Participation will be anonymous.

Source: Your Health

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