Adults Most Likely to Swallow Chicken Bones and False Teeth

January 2, 2013

A new study reveals that false teeth and chicken and fish bones were the most likely objects that adults swallow accidentally though eight times out of ten, they simply pass through the body without any problems.

But doctors say there is no reason to panic as 80 per cent of itinerant bones pass though the body harmlessly, the Telegraph reported.

False teeth are said to be the third most commonly swallowed object, according to the study carried out by Dusseldorf University Hospital.

A pensioner reportedly died earlier in the year after swallowing his dentures during a dalliance with a prostitute.

Children aged between six months and six years meanwhile are the group most likely to accidentally swallow undesirable objects, the most dangerous of which include batteries and magnets.

In the most extreme cases, 1 per cent of people need surgery to retrieve problem bones and other objects. However, researchers stress that most cases are resolved naturally, without medical intervention.

The emergency procedures, known as esophagogastroduodenoscopies, are typically used in cases where a patient has swallowed especially sharp bones or any foreign body longer than 6cm.

In cases where surgery is required, time is often in short supply, say experts.

Annually 1,500 Americans don’t get medical help quickly enough and die after choking on foreign objects.

Source: ANI

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