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January 23, 2013

Cancer patients often feel helpless, with their treatment options seemingly dictated by their doctors. Treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medication and surgery can leave one feeling weak and nauseated.

However, patients are in control of one important aspect of their recovery and well being – their diet. In case you think that such health-promoting diets are complicated and expensive, think again.

A dietician notes that “A good diet for cancer patients help to provide body with all the nutrients required during cancer treatment and during recovery.” Such foods include “high quality protein food to build body immune system, iron rich foods to help red blood cell production, vitamins and minerals to provide natural antioxidants and energy/calories to sustain the duration of treatment plan.”

Parkway Cancer Centre’s (PCC) new book, ‘Awakening the Appetite’, addresses the issue of proper diet for cancer patients.

“Food is especially important to cancer patients because sometimes they lose their appetite,” says Dr Ang Peng Tiam, Medical Director and Senior Consultant of PCC. “This book tells you how you could have wide variety of healthy food and the delicious ways you could cook it. Let the food wake up your appetite and help you enjoy eating again.”

If you are one of the patients who suffer from severe nausea as a side effect from cancer treatment, try these tips:

1. Eat six (6) small and regular meals throughout the day
2. Plan your daily menu in advance
3. Have help with preparing meals
4. Make every bite count – choose high-protein and high-energy foods
5. Eat breakfasts that contain at least 1/3 of your calorie needs
6. Pack snacks to keep on hands at all times
7. Eat foods with odours that are appealing
8. Try new foods as food likes and dislikes may change from day to day.

For more on how to optimise your diet to recover from cancer, check out ‘Awakening the Appetitive’ today.

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