New Disease-sensing Tattoo

February 12, 2013

A new hi-tech tattoo can help detect bacterial infections and let others know you’re sick. Woven of gold and silk, the tattoo come embedded with antennae that would wirelessly alert nearby computers to your malady and help you receive prompt help, the Daily Mail reported.

Princeton professor Michael McAlpine and his team first tried their disease-detecting tattoo method on cow’s teeth.

The engineering professor revealed he got the idea while reading about a woman who suddenly had an asthma attack at a grocery store.

“She couldn’t breathe enough to tell first-responders what was wrong, but she had a tattoo on her arm that said she had asthma. I thought, if she can have a passive tattoo that says ‘I have asthma,’ why not have an active tattoo that can continuously track your health?” McAlpine told Times of Trenton.

McAlpine hopes to test his invention in hospitals very soon.

He also hopes to lengthen the time the tattoo’s antenna, which can wash off with water, will stay on the body.

Source: ANI

Category: Technology & Devices

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