Vibrating Pen can Alert You About Spelling or Grammar Mistakes

February 7, 2013

A vibrating pen is being designed by a German company that is capable of picking errors in spelling or letter formation in real-time, by delivering a warning vibration to the writer’s hand.

Users can choose between two functions that are Calligraphy Mode – pointing out flaws of form and legibility or Orthography Mode – detecting orthographic and grammatical mistakes, the Daily Mail reported.

Sensors built into the pen, which is at the prototype stage, detect variations in the way in which letters are formed and vibrates immediately if an error is spotted.

According to their website Lernstift, creators Falk and Mandy Wolsky were inspired by their son’s early writing attempts.

It is hoped that the prompts will help kids learn write more accurately and quickly.

The creators will launch a crowdfunding project – financed by donations from the public – who support the concept behind the invention, during February, 2013 to raise money to develop and market the idea.

Source: ANI

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