Becoming a breast cancer survivor

November 4, 2016

An estimated 100,000 people in Malaysia suffer from cancer every year, with most of that number being women, said Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr.Hilmi Yahaya in earlier reports this year.

The five main cancers affecting Malaysians are breast cancer (14.5%), intestinal cancer (12.1%), lung cancer (11.8%), cervical cancer (5.7%), and throat cancer (5.4%).

In 2014, cancer was the fourth major cause of death in government hospitals in the country, accounting to 13.02% of deaths.

But one woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 was able to find the hope and support she needed to overcome the disease.

Yeshe Dolma Wong Tsui Ling was a spirited, confident woman from Ipoh, Perak who has a passion for life. She discovered a lump in her breast and consulted a medical expert, Dr. Sumithra Sivasuntharam, a Specialist in General Surgery at Pantai Hospital Ipoh.

In April 2014, Dolma was devastated when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.

Although she was assured that her condition was still treatable, Dolma struggled as she did not have the financial means to cover the medical costs. On top of that, she was already caring for the needs of both her aging parents.

Dr. Sumithra then suggested that she check out Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund for financial assistance.

Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund (the Fund) is a corporate social responsibility(CSR) initiative fully funded by Khazanah Nasional Berhad provided via its listed healthcare arm, IHH Healthcare Berhad (IHH).

The Fund provides partial or fully sponsored medical treatment to needy patients in IHH’s home markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey. Launched in July 2012, the RM50-million fund is being disbursed over a span of five years until 2017. To date, the Fund has extended help to some 1,000 people in Malaysia.

Dolma’s application for assistance was eventually approved and she was able to undergo a mastectomy as the lump and the lymph nodes were cancerous.

After the surgery, another lump was discovered in her right breast but it was found not to be cancerous.

Today, Dolma continues to lead a healthy life through meditation. She works among like-minded people who also seek a healthy and natural approach to life.

Armed with a very strong mind and will, Dolma continues to overcome challenges in life, including losing her father in 2015. Even in the face of loss, Dolma still finds the strength to move forward in life and take care of her mother.

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