Eat these 10 fruits to get healthier, glowing skin

April 26, 2017

There are tons of skin care products – scrubs, toners, creams, moisturizers – out there in the market, giving consumers an endless array of options to choose from when it comes to keeping the skin always looking young and fresh.

However, the most effective way to make sure your skin is looking healthy and radiant is eating healthy food to nourish the skin from within. Loading up on sugary drinks, junk food and processed snacks may make you prone to having acne and dull-looking skin. Not eating enough healthy food may also make your skin look dull, unhealthy and undernourished.

Start incorporating these 10 fruits to your daily diet to make sure your skin looks naturally beautiful and healthy:

1.       Strawberry

Aside from having high vitamin C content, strawberries contain an important alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA), known as salicylic acid, which helps in acne treatment. It is known to penetrate deep into the pores and clean them out. It can unclog oily pores and stop pimples from forming. This will help clear out milia, whiteheads, and blackheads before they become stubborn pimples.

Strawberries also contain a powerful anti-oxidant called ellagic acid, proven to prevent the destruction of collagen that leads to wrinkle formation. Ellagic acid has a photo-protective effect that protects against UV damage.

2.       Pineapple

Pineapples contain a large amount of natural bromelain, an anti-inflamatory enzyme, which is used widely for its numerous health benefits. This enzyme has special benefits for skin as a gentle exfoliant. Use pineapple juice or pulp topically to help clear off dead skin and reveal beautiful, glowing skin.

Pineapple also contains anti-oxidants that neutralize free-radical damage. Pineapple hydrates and softens skin from the inside out and lightens blemishes, resulting in clearer-looking skin.

3.       Plum

Unsightly blemishes and dents in the skin left behind by pimples and acne can be avoided by eating fiber-rich foods like plums. One plum contains 8g of fiber, which is four times as much fiber as a small apple.

In addition, this fiber-rich food also helps regulate bowel movement and ease constipation, which causes acne. Irregular bowel movements mean the toxins which were supposed to be discharged from the body gets reabsorbed into the bloodstream. The body then looks for other ways to dispose of the toxins, most often through the largest organ in the body – the skin.

4.       Pomegranate

Pomegranates are known to have “superfood” qualities similar to those of green tea and blueberries. The entire fruit, including the peel, the white membrane, the fleshy part (arils), and the edible seed, is also rich in nutrients.

Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants which reverse free-radical damage and promote supple, youthful skin. It can be said that pomegranates are the king of antioxidant-rich fruits, as they contain more antioxidants than most. Apart from having pomegranate juice regularly, you can also wash and dry out the peels of pomegranate to make your own pomegranate tea, which can even replace green tea in terms of health benefits.

5.       Papaya

Papaya extracts are widely used in the skin care industry in the form of facial peels, soaps, cleansers, and lotions. But instead of going after chemical treatments, you can just eat the fruit itself regularly. You can also mash it and apply to your skin directly for a youthful bright glow.

Papaya contains a large amount of Vitamin A/ Beta Carotene and an important enzyme called Papain. Papain is not only an important digestive aid that breaks down inactive proteins, it also a powerful antioxidant. It counters free radical damage on skin and also helps heal damaged skin by speeding up cell regeneration.

6.       Lemon

Lemons are a great addition to your beauty regimen as they are known to be “Nature’s Bleach.” Lemons safely whiten and lighten skin and promote an even tone by reducing acne marks and blemishes. They also deep cleanse the skin by breaking down any grime clogging the pores.

For beautiful skin, drink a warm glass of honey and lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach. This miracle drink is purported to have many health benefits, including reducing the darkness of blemishes and cleaning out acne.

7.       Kiwi

Kiwis are packed with vitamin C, even containing more vitamin C than oranges. Every 100 gms of kiwi has about 98mg of Vitamin C, while the same weight of oranges contains about 54mg. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, wards off colds and boosts the immune system. It also keeps skin looking younger and fresher.

8.       Banana

Bananas contain high levels of potassium, which helps moisturizes and hydrates the skin, making it look fuller, more supple, and youthful. They contain various skin-healthy nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, and E.

The nutrients in bananas work to maintain the elasticity of skin, moisturize, prevent premature aging and wrinkles, soften and rejuvenate, and fade dark spots and blemishes.

9.       Avocado

Also considered a “superfood”, avocados are highly nutritious fruits. They offer amazing benefits for skin when consumed as well as when applied topically.

Avocados contain biotin, which is also known as vitamin B7. Biotin promotes cell regeneration and growth, resulting in faster growing hair and nails. Avocados also contain Vitamin E, known as “the protector of skin”. The fatty acids in this naturally fatty fruit help to provide skin with essential lubrications, which promotes youthful, glowing skin.

They are also often used to make vegan mayonnaise.

10.   Apple

Apples are the richest source of malic acid, another type of alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA). Malic acid is gentler than other acids used in beauty treatments, such as glycolic and salicylic acid. Malic acid promotes healthier, firmer and youthful looking skin by renewing skin cells without damaging the skin layer.

Apples are also high in fiber which helps to clean out the colon and promotes regular bowel movements, promoting clear pimple-free skin.

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