Five foods to avoid if you need a steady stream of energy during a busy day

April 28, 2017

Our energy level throughout the day is not just affected by our sleeping habits, but also by the food that we consume. Some people might still find themselves hit by the afternoon energy slump even though they had a good night’s sleep because of what they ate.

Here are five foods you can avoid, and their healthier alternatives, if you want a steady flow of energy during a busy day.

1.       Coffee

Many of us still rely on the caffeine boost given by a cup of coffee but it might not be as helpful as we think. Caffeine from coffee stays in the body for 10 to 12 hours, which affects the sleeping cycle.You should also be aware that the milk and sugar you put in your coffee contributes to inconsistent energy levels.

A better alternative to coffee is tea. It offers a better caffeine source as it does not give you a crazy spike of energy while still keeping you focused.

2.       White Bread

White bread is made from simple carbohydrates. It is great as it will give a quick sugar boost but this will soon drop. That sandwich at brunch will have you wanting a nap in a few hours. Watch out for croissants and other treats made of flour as well.

Instead, choose whole grain alternatives that are made of complex carbohydrates like wheat bread and brown rice.

3.       Bananas

Bananas are known to contain amino acids, vitamins and minerals that can help keep your energized throughout a workout routine. However, if taken on its own, bananas can make you sleepy because of their magnesium content which is known as a relaxation mineral. It is a natural element that is better taken before bread.

For a healthier energy snack, grab an apple. Apples are high in fiber which helps better digestion, giving your body the ability to create energy better.

4.       Lettuce

Lettuce contains lactucarium. This milky fluid secreted by some species of lettuce is also known as “lettuce opium” because of its analgesic and sedative properties. Regardless of what time in the day you eat a lettuce, it is going to make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

If you can’t go through a day without having a salad, use spinach instead. It has iron and a lot of nutrients such as fiber, Vitamin K, and lutein to charge you up.

5.       Red Meat

There is a reason steak is often reserved for dinner. The iron content in red meat is good for energy but the high fat content requires for your digestive system to work double time. Since your energy is spent on digesting the meat, you will find your body in need to recharge through sleep.

A good alternative to red meat is salmon. It is tagged as brain food for its omega-3 content, which helps you not only physically but also picks up your mood. Keep this in mind if you need to get your groove back during work.



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