Johnson & Johnson inaugurates 24 Acuvue Eye Health Centres

December 7, 2018

Johnson & Johnson Vision recently recognised 24 optical centres as Acuvue Eye Health Centres. Supported by the Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO), the Acuvue Eye Health Centre status recognises eye health centres in Malaysia that uphold quality, professional eye care services according to national guidelines and in doing so are well positioned to lead the way for higher eye health standards in Malaysia.

With health consciousness becoming a big priority, eye health is often overlooked till left too late. The World Health Organisation reports that myopia and high myopia were estimated to affect 27% (1893 million) and 2.8% (170 million) of the world population respectively. The report further indicates that by 2050, the prevalence of myopia will be much higher in high-income regions of Asia Pacific, in east Asia, and in Southeast Asia. It is also estimated that one in every 10 children in Malaysia suffer from an undiagnosed vision impairment.

A Johnson & Johnson study conducted in 2017 also noted that 42% of contact lens wearers did not know contact lenses are considered a medical device requiring a prescription. With Asians being at higher risk for vision impairment, Johnson & Johnson Vision has made a push to educate the public on the importance of eye care.

“The recognition of 24 optical centres as Acuvue Eye Health Centres sets the standard for holistic eye care in Malaysia. This initiative continues from the introduction of consumer eye health awareness launched in 2016, to educate consumers on better eye health, how to access the best vision correction and healthier contact lens options. With the continuous cross-partnership of the Malaysian Optical Council (MOC), the Association of Malaysian Optometrist (AMO), and Johnson & Johnson, in 2017, the Contact Lens Practice Guidelines were launched to better equip eye care professionals with tools to encourage contact lens users in Malaysia to not risk their eyesight, seek proper eye examination, and consultation before purchasing contact lenses,” said Jeremy Tay, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Business Unit Director.

He explained that optometrists are often the first line of response to provide primary eye care services to the public. With the launch of the Acuvue Eye Health Centres, he hopes that Malaysians will gain better access to the highest quality of professional and holistic eye care to have healthier, more comfortable vision.

An eye test is more than a vision test and comprises vision testing, clinical refraction, and assessment of the efficient use of your eyes, as well as an assessment of eye health. Only after completing a full eye examination, spectacles or contact lenses are prescribed and dispensed. The Acuvue Eye Centre status, recognised and endorsed by the AMO, provides consumers with a reference point on where they may access quality eye care service, provided by professionals who commit to the patient’s eye health first.

“Most Malaysians visit an optical store as a purely retail experience. However, a visit to the optometrist is more than just buying glasses or contact lenses off-the-shelf after an eye check. Regular and proper eye examinations are required to ensure that the prescription is current,” said Woon Pak Seong, President of AMO.

“Also, it is important for consumers to consult a skilled and certified optometrist, for many common eye diseases are best treated when an early diagnosis is made. As such, patients who seek a qualified optometrist at a centre that has been endorsed by the AMO is assured they will receive the proper eye care service and advice.”

Speaking as a panellist during the event, Puan Nor Azizah Ismail, Secretary of the MOC commented that,

“There are often misconceptions amongst the public that glasses or contact lenses are not necessary, or they view contact lenses as one-size-fits-all. However, the truth is that non-optometric distribution of any contact lenses may place the wearer’s eye health at risk and more importantly, wearers may miss out on crucial, regular eye health and vision checks. As such, there is a need to enable an environment for consumers to be aware of the need for eye checks with professional eye health centres, and the standard of eye care services they should be receiving, as well as where they can receive it.”

The centres are located across the country at:

Anna Eyecare Optometry, Kuching

B.L. Optometrist, Bangsar

Chan May May Optometrist, Penang

Chan Visual Care Optometrist, Penang

Eye Street Optometrist, Old Klang Road

Eyez Optometry Holdings, Bangsar Village II

Eyecon Optometry, Melaka

Eyeflex Optometrist, Johor Bahru

Flexzoom Optometrist, Johor Bahru

Focus Point Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur

Focus Point Signature, KLCC

Focus Point Signature, Mid Valley

I-Care By Eyez Optometry Holdings, Atria

I-Care By Eyez Optometry Holdings, Bangsar Village

I-View Optometrist, Penang

M & J Optometry Centre, Bangsar

Paris Miki, 1 Utama

Paris Miki KLCC

Paris Miki, Mid Valley

S.L Chan Optometrist, Ipoh

Vision Space, Damansara Utama

Vision Space, Sunway Giza

Vision Space, SS2

Zeiss Vision Center by Eyez Optometry Holdings, Pavillion

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