Medical Fair Asia 2018: No more eye strain for doctors

September 7, 2018

Japanese company Yamada Shadowless Lamp have unveiled their line of “Medical LED” operation lights.The IXM Series is fully equipped with “ultra-high colour rendering” LEDs that mimic natural light in order to lessen the strain on a doctor’s eyes.

The lamp head has soft curves that are designed to put nervous patients at ease before their operations. The shape of the lamp head is also designed to accommodate air-flow from the ceiling, ensuring a sufficient stream of air to the operation site.

There is a centre focus handle for physicians, and a side focus knob for staff to adjust the illumination based on the distance to the operation site. The lamp head centre is equipped with independent white LEDs that function as an auxiliary light for endoscopic operations.

The “ultra-high colour rendering” LEDs are used to achieve a high index of 96 for the R9 value, which corresponds to red in the special colour rendering index that includes colours close to the human body. This makes the colours of blood, organs, and tissues in the operative field more visible and distinguishable, helping to improve the precision of operations.

“Doctors who continuously work at operation sites often experience tired and strained eyes due to blue light,” said a Yamada Shadowless Lamp representative. The IXM series lamps have a spectrum closer to sunlight and their optical designs prevent glare and chromatic aberration to more accurately reflect true colours.



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