Reduce the time between breakfast and dinner if you want to lose weight

September 3, 2018

A new study says if you reduce the time between your breakfast and dinner, which means have dinner at least half an hour early it can limit calorie intake and burn more fat.

It is usually believed that if you have to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories and exercise more. However, scientists have now found that even the interval between the meal times matter. They conducted a pilot study in which people for ten weeks, had a late lunch by an hour and a half and early dinner. British scientists under the leadership of Jonathan Johnston (Jonathan Johnston) from the University of Surrey decided to test how time and schedule had an effect on calorie intake and fat burning. The study was conducted with 13 people whose average body mass index was 29 kg/m2.

For ten weeks, seven people had to adhere to diet recommendations to limit the time period of the meal. Of the 13 people, six men (control group) were fed as usual and were asked to record food consumption. All participants were asked to go for a medical check-up twice – at the beginning and at the end of the study to monitor the weight and volume of the participants, level of glucose, insulin, and fat.

Ten weeks of active participants of the experimental group managed to reduce the interval between the first and the last meal around four hours and significantly reduce the caloric value of food consumed: almost 720 calories compared to the original indicators. The weight change of the supply is not affected, but significantly affected the percentage of body fat: the participants of the experimental group managed to reduce it by 1.9 per cent. In addition, the researchers found that during the experiment between the control and active groups significantly increased the difference in the level of glucose on an empty stomach. However, the study noted that there is a significant decrease in caloric intake when the time between breakfast and dinner is reduced. This could also be possible since the food too time to digest.


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