Can you for go breakfast? Researchers say ‘maybe’

February 8, 2019

Breakfast helps to jump start the day for most, but not necessarily if you want to lose weight. While breakfast eaters consumed more calories per day and gained 1lb more than those who skipped it, a healthy breakfast has benefits:

  • Can be a good source of calcium and fibre
  • Improves concentration and attention levels, particularly in children
  • Provides nutrients and energy

Observational studies report a positive link between people who eat breakfast and have a healthy weight.Having breakfast is known to prevent snacking later in the day.

However, recent Australian research in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), a credible medical resource on research, suggests the opposite –skipping breakfast might reduce total daily calorie intake.The Monash University research team found that breakfast skippers did not have increased appetite in the afternoon. But breakfast eaters did consume more calories, so caution is needed when recommending breakfast for weight loss in adults. The current researchers have said the long-term effect of skipping or adding breakfast to diets needed more extensive research.

Professor Kevin Whelan, dietetics expert and head of King’s College London’s nutritional sciences department, maintains that breakfast is vital for early nutrient intake and does not cause obesity. The BMJ research excludes the connection between breakfast and obesity.

The right breakfast choices are therefore important, and the NHS has suggested a few options for a light yet filling breakfast:

  • Fruit porridge with cinnamon or baked beans on wholemeal toast for energy
  • Scrambled eggs with spinach on toast or low-fat Greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts provide protein
  • Try a smoothie or mash avocado on toast for a quick snack

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