French study finds how strenuous physical activity may affect artery health

November 13, 2019

A recent study based on data from the 10-year Paris Prospective Study III, which tracked the health of some 10,000 50-75 year olds, has found that some kinds of physical activity might negatively impact health. While sports-based exercise has benefits to cardiovascular health, continuous heavy lifting at work may instead elevate risks for cardiovascular fatalities.

In short, ultrasound imaging of the participants’ carotid arteries revealed that sports-based physical activity strengthens the mechanoreceptors along the artery wall and reduces chances of cardiac issues, including heart rhythm problems and cardiac arrest; meanwhile strenuous exertion from continued heavy lifting has a compound effect on arterial stiffness and poses a greater risk for cardiovascular problems.

Jean-Philippe Empana of Inserm/Université de Paris, in France, said the findings provide a valuable avenue of research to further our understanding of the associations between physical activity and cardiovascular disease and particularly, between physical activity at work and a person’s health status.

“This study is not against movement at work, but does suggest major public health implications for chronic, strenuous physical activity at the workplace,” says Empana.


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