Too many eggs tied to cardiac disease, death

June 12, 2019

Eggs, consumed in large quantities daily, has been found to bode ill health – new research data has highlighted that every additional 300mg of cholesterol-in-eggs consumed over the usual  was associated with a 17% higher risk of cardiovascular disease and an 18% higher risk of death.

Study data accounting for the American participants’ exercise regimen and overall diet quality, including the amount and type of fat they consumed, did not change results linking cholesterol and cardiovascular disease and death.

The American Dietary Guidelines (USDA) does not offer advice on the number of eggs individuals should eat, as there still is debate on saturated fats and high cholesterol levels, but does recommend baseline consumption(300mg) of cholesterol a day. Similarly, as the new research does not offer specific recommendations on egg or cholesterol consumption, it is worth to know that one large egg contains nearly 200mg of cholesterol, qualling an 8-ounce steak, according to the USDA. Other foods with high cholesterol levels include processed meats, cheese and high-fat dairy products.

Katherine Tucker, a Professor in UMass Lowell’s Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, thinks having several eggs a week could benefit bone and eye health, and advises dietary moderation and balance to avoid potentially harmful effects.


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