An eye on future vision: Taiwanese ophthalmic innovations

September 3, 2020
(from left to right)
Mark Wu, Executive Director of Strategic
Marketing Department
Crystalvue Medical Corporation
William Wang, Co-Founder/President
Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.
Johnson Chang, Sales Manager
BenQ Materials Corp.
Pandora Yang, International Sales Manager
In-Trust Technology Co. Ltd.
Eric Chu, Co-Founder
Vivian Chen, Manager, IEP Healthcare Section of Strategic Marketing Department

According to estimates from IEK Consulting of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the global ophthalmic medical equipment market is estimated to reach US$58.4 billion by 2023. Armed with the strength of ICT/optical technology and scale of manufacturing capability, ophthalmic device manufacturers in Taiwan are in a position to deliver future advanced treatments of vision and eye related diseases.

During the recent “Eyes on the Future” online product launch, jointly held by TAITRA and the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, four Taiwan Excellence Award winners from the ophthalmic medical equipment industry demonstrated their products, including:

  • Crystalvue Medical— Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera

With ten different fixation point targets to choose from to obtain images of different positions of the retina, it can be used as a reference basis for clinical diagnosis like diabetic retinopathy, AMD, glaucoma and other ophthalmic-related diseases. It has fully automatic 3D tracking and focusing, capturing images with one key operation.  Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport around compared to traditional fundus cameras.

  • Medimaging Integrated Solution 5MP Eye Care Total Solution

With one control unit, a physician can have total eye care diagnostic. By switching the lenses, it can become an eye surface camera, eye anterior camera and eye fundus camera, making it easy for optometrists to do diagnostics.

  • BenQ  Miacare CONFIDENCE Daily Color Contact Lens

Miacare’s EautraSil hydrophilic silicone technology transforms the conventional silicone molecules into hydrophilic structures without using any solvent treatment to form a hydrophilic film. It says it is the first company to be able to do so. This allows for a higher oxygen transmissibility as more oxygen molecules penetrate the lens to reach the cornea – resulting in a healthier, safer and ultra-comfortable experience for your eyes.

  • In-Trust Technology — Aurai Hot & Cool Eye Massager

The Aurai water wave cold and hot compress massage eye mask, which uses water circulation and water-waving massage, features greater softness and is gentler on the eyes compare to other products on the market, says the company.

The 90-minute online product launch was part of a series of events held by TAITRA. More events focusing on medical products, including dentistry and assistance devices for the elderly, will be held in the coming weeks.

To watch the full online product launch, visit:


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