Are you tired of waiting in line just to see a doctor?

August 1, 2020
Are you tired of waiting in line just to see a doctor?

You’re not alone.

Your health should be a priority so why settle for health services that don’t?

At GetDoc, we’ve got you covered.

GetDoc is a healthcare platform designed with the users at the forefront of everything they do. Using modern day cutting edge technology, the company forms a bridge between technology and communication so that the everyday person can regain control of their own healthcare and medical needs with just a few clicks away.

The app, designed by Jireh Group connects users with healthcare practitioners and providers instantly. Within a few clicks you can link up with a professional health advisor over video chat, book appointments, select doctors and make payments to clinics.

 Users are also better connected to their medical providers through GetDoc’s extensive search database, appointment scheduling and tracking services. No more long waiting times as GetDoc can be accessed anytime, anywhere to solve your healthcare needs in a moment’s notice.

There is also an online forum built into the platform where you can discuss and share your curiosity about health related matters with the rest of the community. With GetDoc, you’re not just getting an app to connect you with doctors, you’re joining a huge healthcare community. One that is always improving and refining its offerings based on user’s needs.

Furthermore, combining the best of healthcare and technology, users get to enjoy members-only rates at panel clinics through their GetDocPlus healthcare benefit available in selected countries.

GetDoc’s mission is simply to create a better and connected health service for all. One that puts you in total control of your health and well-being. One that’s accessible and easy to use from people from all walks of life.

To date, GetDoc is in partnership with more than 400 clinics in Singapore and 1200 clinics in Malaysia.

GetDoc App is available for iOS and Android. For more information, please visit

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