Ozone therapy in compact, wearable device offers patients treatment on-the-go

September 7, 2020

A team of innovators at Purdue University in Indiana, US, have created an experimental, wearable setup that uses ozone gas as an antimicrobial treatment solution for chronic wounds. It also allows patients in remote areas or with limited mobility to receive treatment without leaving home.

In order to harness the potential of bacteria-killing ozone gas, Assistant Professor of Materials engineering, Rahim Rahimi, and team fashioned a breathable patch that is temporarily adhered to the skin. It is linked by a silicone hose to a compact, belt-worn, battery-powered ozone-generating device that channels the gas directly over the wound.

“We created a revolutionary type of treatment to kill the bacteria on the surface of wounds, such as diabetic ulcers, and can accelerate the healing process,” said Prof. Rahimi.

The ozone gas is easily transported to the skin surface at the wound site and provides a targeted approach for wound healing – our innovation is small and simple to use for patients at home.”

The practical treatment will soon be used in extensive animal studies and human clinical trials.

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