Portable ultrasound probe offers quick, wireless imaging

December 18, 2020

US-based medical device company Vave Health Inc. has created a portable ultrasound probe (Vave) that can be carried in a pocket. The imagery can be viewed in real time using an app on a Wi-Fi-linked iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and footage can be saved both on the mobile device and on an encrypted cloud-based server.

Vave is the brainchild of CEO Amin Nikoozadeh, sprung from his studies into the miniaturisation of imaging systems when he was a postgraduate student.

At only 340g/0.75-lb, the portable device incorporates a piezoelectric transducer, a cast magnesium body that aids in the dissipation of heat, and a silicone hand-grip sleeve. It is also IP67-waterproof (submersible down to 1m/3.3ft, for half an hour), meaning the whole thing can regularly be submerged and sanitised.

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One four-hour charge of its removable lithium-ion battery is reportedly good for over an hour of continuous scanning around any patient body type. There are four imaging presets to choose from – cardiac, lung, abdominal and obstetrics/gynecology – as well as manual control of parameters such as gain, depth and focus.

Vave is available via an affordable monthly subscription service(US$99), which includes an upgraded replacement probe once every two years.

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