Malaysian startup introduces sustainable, modular silicone face masks

October 13, 2021
Malaysian startup introduces sustainable, modular silicone face masks

Disposable protective equipment – including face masks – while useful, is estimated to cause massive pollution to the environment. The trace chemicals contained is said to not only affect water and air quality and wildlife health but are also small enough to enter our lungs and bloodstream and cause long-term complications.

To reduce the environmental toll associated with disposable face masks, a Malaysian agency has introduced AiruFlo, a modular face mask that ensures superior protection, breathability, and comfort to its users. The sustainable AiruFlo mask is washable and can be reused, provided the filters are changed periodically.

AiruFlo aims to educate Malaysians on more sustainable face mask options that will not add to the current environmental waste: it is made of biocompatible, food-grade silicone that allows easy folding and is resistant to hard impacts.

Having undergone material development and surface modification utilising nanotechnology, the mask’s silicone body is smooth and transparent, making it exceptionally comfortable when used; and is equipped with adjustable straps which allows for convenient safekeeping.

Furthermore, it includes replaceable N95 grade filters that guard against 95% of 0.3µm particles and dust. This, combined with the fact that it provides a perfect seal, makes it highly suitable for complete protection against germs, bacteria, and pollution without the need for double masking.

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“There are numerous face masks out there in the market with various specifications to fit the preferences of diverse groups of people, and we quickly realised that there is a need for a mask that does it all. Many are looking for masks that check multiple boxes – fashionable, highly breathable, sustainable and unharmful to the environment,” said Vince Koay, Co-founder of AiruFlo.

“It can be challenging to find one that meets all expectations in the market and that is what our team of highly innovative industrial engineers have set out to address with AiruFlo. More than protection, the transparency of AiruFlo masks plays a crucial role in allowing users to communicate effectively using facial queues, particularly for those who have hearing difficulties or require speech therapy.”

AiruFlo masks are designed to meet international hygiene and protective standards – it has been approved for use by the US Food and Drug administration (FDA) and Malaysia’s Medical Device Authority (MDA).

Further information and credentials may be assessed on the company website,

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