Rethinking Smart Medical & Biotesting in the post pandemic world

September 30, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people approach their health and healthcare. This October 14th, Taiwan Excellence, representing the symbol of Taiwan’s innovative technology, will organise a Smart Medical & Biotesting Webinar to introduce some of the latest developments in the medical and healthcare industry.

Themed “effective biotest” and “customised treatment”, this online showcase will gather four award winning Taiwanese brands to share the direction the industry is heading in the future. Amongst the products introduced are an automated nucleic acid extractor, an optical 3D printer, an ECG monitoring patch, plasma treatments and more.

The online presentation will also invite Dr. Chii-Wann Lin to talk about the healthcare trends enabled by the accelerated pace of innovation. He is vice president of quasi-governmental Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), which has driven innovation and incubated some of Taiwan’s top tech companies for nearly five decades. Dr. Lin is also the director of ITRI’s Biomedical Technology and Device Research.

To facilitate business opportunities and foster new business relations, a one-on-one business matching session will also be held after the webinar. The business interaction will allow interested Malaysian businesses to further connect with the Taiwanese medical companies. 

Products featured in the webinar are carefully curated by Taiwan Excellence and they include:

  • Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc – Maelstrom 4800 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor.
Maelstrom 4800 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

This standalone compact automated nucleic acid extractor is designed for medium-throughput applications which makes it much easier to perform decentralised testing, greatly improving response speed. The Maelstrom 4800 can process up to 48 samples simultaneously and can be customised to suit the needed application. Early detection is instrumental in curbing the spread of the pandemic and the Maelstrom 4800 has the potential to become a key part of the prevention efforts.

  • Young Optics Inc – MiiCraft Prime 150 and Prime 100 Optical 3D Printer
MiiCraft Prime 150 and Prime 100 Optical 3D Printer

The MiiCraft Prime series of ultra-high resolution desktop size 3D printer can print at a resolution of 4 million pixels with XY accuracy of 40µm and 55µm. Such degree of accuracy makes it possible to create intricate on-demand products that can answer the rapidly evolving needs of healthcare professionals.  The MiiCraft Prime includes a comprehensive software suite to simplify the process and the company’s  exclusive active peeling system enables the machine to print even soft and flexible materials that can be used to create items such as personal protection equipment to medical devices.

  • Sigknow Biomedical Co., Ltd – EZYPRO Arrhythmia Diagnostic Solution
•	Sigknow Biomedical Co., Ltd

ECG (electrocardiogram) monitors the heart and is instrumental in detection of potentially life-threatening cardiovascular problems. Although continuous monitoring can significantly increase the accuracy of detection of arrhythmias, it is highly impractical to use traditional ECG machines. The EZYPRO Arrhythmia Diagnostic Solution is a non-invasive wearable patch that continuously monitors the heart for 14-days to give a clearer picture of one’s cardiac health and the device can detect both paroxysmal and asymptomatic arrhythmia. Early and accurate detection of arrhythmias go a long way towards improving diagnosis and treatment.

  • Aeon Biotherapeutics Corp – “Aeon” Acti-PRP and A-BMC
•	Aeon Biotherapeutics Corp – “Aeon” Acti-PRP and A-BMC

Aeon Biotherapeutics Corp is a specialist in regenerative medicine and its two flagship products can be used to supplement traditional treatments to achieve greater efficacies.  The company’s Acti-PRP stimulates cellular regeneration and tissue repair while it’s A-BMC uses nucleated cells to relief more critical ailments. Under both systems, autologous venous blood is used to create the compounds which significantly reduces the possibility of rejection by the body. Not only that, the compounds of the Acti-PRP and A-BMC takes under 10 minutes and 30 minutes respectively to create, and its minimally invasive procedure result is a short recovery time.

Companies in the healthcare and related industries are strongly encouraged to join this webinar to learn more about these technologies and products, and to foster closer working relationships between Malaysian and Taiwanese counterparts.

Registration for the Smart Medical & Biotesting Webinar is now open. Kindly visit for details or contact Ms Choo at 010-238 6850 for more information. 

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