Taiwan shares innovative technologies for beauty care & healthcare

August 12, 2021
Taiwan shares innovative technologies for beauty care & healthcare

The Taiwan’s National Health Insurance system embodies the idea that “healthcare is a basic human right” said Mr James C.F. Huang, Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), in a statement during the start of Taiwan Excellence’s Industry Solution Booster: Beauty Care and Medical Technology session on August 4.

The event was part of a series of events held by Taiwan Excellence Pavilion during Taiwan Expo 2021 to highlight some of the most innovative products that are made in Taiwan. The Beauty Care and Medical Technology session focused on four award-winning brands, sharing some of the latest medical and beauty care trends and products. 

Louis Wang, a representative from TAITRA mentioned that, in recent years, the global beauty care industry has been shifting towards a more sustainability focused approach, utilising natural ingredients, applying eco-friendly concepts, reducing waste output and more. She also mentioned that technology now plays a larger role in beauty brands, with integration of VR, AR, AI and big data analysis helping to pave the way for future development.

She continued with the medical device industry, stating that the market value of medical device worldwide is expected to reach US$658 billion by 2028, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate of 5.4%. With Taiwan’s strength in ICT, advanced healthcare system and comprehensive supply chain, it enables Taiwan to develop the most cost efficient and high-quality medical solutions.

The four innovative beauty care and medical solutions that were presented are:

·         MacroHi’s 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo, co-developed with dermatologists to solve scalp problems. Since its launch in 2015, it has saved over 50,000 people from serious scalp problems. One of the key essential herbal extracts in the product is Glyrrhentinic Acid Complex, which effectively reduce inflammation and itchiness. In addition to that, the shampoo sterilizes bacteria in just 60 seconds.

Eye Massager

·         In-Trust Technology’s Aurai Vision Eye Massager is the world’s first water propelled eye massager, powered by their patented water-waving system. The cool and warm compresses help stimulate blood circulation and relax the muscle tension around your eyes, making it a great companion for stress relief. To reduce skin irritation and prevents allergies, the eye massager uses a breathable, hypoallergenic silicone material (medical grade) that’s gentle on the skin and comfortable use.

·         BriteMED Technology’s 12-Lead Portable ECG is the lightest and smallest electrocardiogram solution to monitor patients’ heart conditions on the move. With intuitive management software, it comes with real-time ECG waveforms display and analysation as well as easy management of patients’ account. The advanced defibrillator protection and pacemaker detection feature makes it reliable to use during emergency applications.


·         Medimaging Integrated Solution’s products have been used by doctors of Taiwan’s Olympic team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic. Their Horus Digital Diagnostic Set aims to substitute the traditional ophthalmoscope, otoscope and dermoscope by using the digital photographic solution. With the key technique of optical design, the high-quality resolution and auto focus function can capture both full HD pictures and video file.

To watch the full online product introduction, visit>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbf5QVTr2QI

For more information about the Taiwan Excellence Virtual Pavilion, visit>>https://mys.taiwanexpoasean.com/en/index.html

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